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The Peddlers

Real to Reel


Nosič: 33" LP
Rok vydání: 1979
původ: Spojené státy americké
kat. číslo: DT 3302211



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The AMERICAN PEDDLERS formed in the early 1970's in San Antonio, Texas. Later known as "THE PEDDLERS" this rock and roll band rapidly became the most popular band on the US Air Force circuit. Their popularity with the young airmen soon took them to Air Force Bases all over America. In 1976 THE PEDDLERS put together a 2 hour show called "ROCK & ROLL AMERICA" in conjunction with Americas' bicentennial celebration. The show covered the evolution of rock and roll music from it's beginning in the 1950's to the most current rock of the 1970's. THE PEDDLERS recorded three albums of original music. Their first album was called "ONCE UPON A ROCK". It contained contributions from band members KEVIN DOOLAN JOE TORRA, GLENN SMITH and AARON BARKER. Recorded at Pecan Street Studios in Austin, Texas this album contains songs such as "YOU GOT THE MUSIC", "EBERLE PARK", and the timeless classic "THE CIRCLE SONG". The second album by THE PEDDLERS was recorded live at various Air Bases across America. Titled "REAL TO REEL" this album contains many live versions of the bands studio album as well as live renditions of some newer material. This recording features the blistering lead guitar solos' of GLENN SMITH ...

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