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You and Me Both


Nosič: 33" LP
Rok vydání: 1983
původ: Německo
kat. číslo: DT 3306327


80's pop


You and Me Both is the second and final album released by British synthpop duo Yazoo in 1983. As was their debut, the record was produced by Yazoo members Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet along with E.C. Radcliffe. Upon its release You and Me Both received positive reviews from music critics who noted that the album showed strong progression in songwriting and production from both Moyet and Clarke from their debut. The album peaked at #1 in the UK and #69 in the US.

The duo, however, announced their split on the eve of the album's UK release. Moyet would soon begin a successful solo career and Clarke eventually formed the synthpop duo Erasure.

Moyet would later re-record "Ode to Boy" for her 1994 album Essex in a more acoustic style, which she explained was more consistent with how she envisioned the song should have sounded when she originally wrote it.

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