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Help / FAQ

How to register / create an account?

Fill in the register form under the link new registration. Fields marked with a star are required. Send the filled in register by the red button "Registration".
Then you receive an confirmation email (to the email address you filled in the form) with an confirmation link. You need to click on it to validate your registration.

If you do not validate your registration, you will be not able to log in your account.

How to send an order?

Only registered and logged customers are able to make an order.
You have to go through 4 steps in ordering. After the finishing you recive an email with order resume and a confirmation link. If you do not confirm your order, it will be canceled in 10 days.

What is the quality of our goods?

In product detail you can find its quality code:

M = Mint - Both vinyl record and cover is new or almost like new.

EX = Excellent - Cover could have small creasing or excoriation, vinyl has slight sound impairment.

VG = Very good - Cover scrathed, slit edge. Vinyl played many times, cracle in silent parts.

G = Good - Many times played record, audible crackle. Cover scrathed, crased, slit edges, could be taped.

P = Poor - Very loud crackling, buzz or jumps. Cover damaged or not complete.

Is it possible to reclaim an order or its items?

Yes, it is, but taking into account its announced quality. Returs are solved individually by email or telephone. Before you finish your order read "Terms and conditions".

Can I get a record not listed in the shop offer?

Yes, you can. Recently there aren´t published and offered all records we have in our archives.

Unregistered users can write to and ask for a particular record. Registered users can create their demand in section "My account" -> "My demands".

How to find a record?

There is a lot of parametres of a record you can enter in the "form" and inquire for a record.
First enter a name, part of a name or some text in the field "Find". With a parameter "Where" you can specify whether you are asking for a performer or an album. Type of the record, searching by first letter and by countries, where the record was edited - these are the other parametres you can fill in the right column. You can also search by year of the edition, recency in our databaze or by price. By marking the field "Phone..." you find out records, whose price is not given, but you can ask by telephone.