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Music Museum was created at the behest of our countryman, who settled in Tabor after his 30-year residence in the United States. For this purpose he bought a suitable object on the outskirts of the old town of Tabor. His name is Paul Neufus.

The construction of the museum was initiated in mid-2008. This way he formed an institution with more than a million titles from all sectors of world music with no genre restrictions. Categorize and catalog the huge amount of tonal carriers, consisting mainly of records of different sizes, materials and rotation speed was really painstaking work.

The collection is continuously updated and expanded with new exhibits that Paul purchased on world markets, mainly in the U.S..


New account for payment in EUR.

Payment upfront (EUR) 2500478835 / 8330
IBAN: CZ1420100000002500478835

Donate records to the museum, we will be very happy if you remember us. It is better to give to someone than throw them away.

We buy records of Czechoslovak production. Mainly of 50th and 60th and from domestic production.

We are looking for an audio documentary materials (records, tapes), followed by posters, photographs, promotional materials, by purchase, gift or loan guarantee to return in an undamaged condition. Further references in print, catalogs, music scores, and so on.

Musical instruments, that were used in public performances of various artists.

In the event that you can not dock-materials to donate, sell or rent, we would like to make copies with your permission. All copies will be marked with original owner.

Muzeum hudby Tábor, z.s.

Pavel Neufus
Žižkova 255
390 01 Tábor
Czech republic


Nejsme plátci DPH.

phone: (+420) 773 623 626
skype: houstonrc

bank acc.: 2500993802 / 2010 - Fio Banka



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Prodej, sales
Pavel Neufus
phone: +420 773 623 626

Leading record sales in US
Petr Neufus - Denver, Colorado
phone: 1-303-880-1705


External collaborator in US
Jan Kováč - Houston, Texas
phone: 1-713-7133766173

Marie Kličmanová
phone: +420 775 139 442